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AVS Catalunya is governed by the AVS Standing Orders and by its own internal regulations.


Article 1.- Name and territorial sphere

The Catalan section of the Spanish Association of Public Housing and Land Developers – (AVS), herein known as “AVS Catalunya”, is made up of public developers that undertake their activity in the territorial sphere of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) and which freely decide to form part of it.

The official name of AVS Catalunya in its territorial sphere will be “Associació Catalana de Promotors Públics de Sòl i Habitatge” (Catalan Association of Public Housing and Land Developers)

Article 2.- Head Office

The head office of AVS Catalunya will be that of the entity that holds the Presidency of the Association.

Article 3.- Aim of the Association

AVS Catalunya, within its territorial sphere of influence, has the following aims:

Article 4.- Entities belonging to the Association

All entities that undertake their activity exclusively within the geographical sphere of the Generalitat de Catalunya may belong to the Association.

To belong to the Association it is mandatory to be a member of AVS.

The members of AVS Catalunya will be automatically deregistered from membership when, for whatever reason, they deregister from AVS.

Article 5.- Governing bodies

The governing bodies of the Association are:

Article 6.- The General Meeting

It is the sovereign body of the will of the Association and is made up of all the member entities in the full exercising of their rights.

It will meet at least twice a year, one of these meetings having to be held in the first three months of the year in order to pass the management report and the budget of the Association.

The meetings will be called by the Presidency, which will draw up the agenda. The notification will be in writing and be made at least two weeks in advance.

The General Meeting of the Association can also be called at the request of its members when representing a minimum of 50% of the members or the votes.

Article 7.- The General Meetings

The General Meetings of the Association will be chaired by the Presidency and, before the impossibility or by delegation of the President, by the Vice-presidency.

All the members who make up the Association may attend with speaking and voting rights, and may delegate their vote by proxy to other members of the Association.

The quorum for the meeting will be, initially, the members that have the absolute majority of votes, and then, the entity members present and duly represented.

Article 8.- Functions of the General Meeting

The responsibility of the General Meeting will be:

Article 9.- Motions passed at the General Meeting

Motions will be passed by the majority of votes cast, with the exception of amendments to this Regulation, which will require an absolute majority.

The motion passed correctly will be binding for the attending members, whether they vote in favour or against, as well as for the absentees.

The Secretary will take the minutes of the meetings. The minutes will be issued within a maximum period of 15 days and a maximum period of one month will be established from their reception for the presentation of appeals.

Article 10.- The Executive Committee

Article 11.- Functions of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will:

  1. Accept and comply with the motions passed of the General Meeting.
  2. Safeguard the fulfilment of the standing orders and regulations.
  3. Agree to that which it considers appropriate regarding the exercising of rights or actions that correspond to the Association.
  4. Agree to the participation of the Association in all kinds of courses, debates, conferences, talks and events.
  5. Sign agreements with public or private organisms or entities, the objective of which affect the interests of the Association.
  6. Propose to the General Meeting all types of activities, acts or events that it considers of interest.
  7. Propose to the General Meeting the reform of the Association Regulations.
  8. Present to the General Meeting the end-of-year management report, the budget and the objectives to be completed.
  9. Propose to the General Meeting the contracts made of all types that are necessary for achieving aims of the Association.

Article 12.- Resignations and substitutions on the Executive Committee

A member of the Executive Committee will no longer belong to it for the following reasons:

  1. By voluntary resignation.
  2. By the occupation of another post that the General Meeting may consider as incompatible.
  3. By legally declared incapacity.
  4. For not possessing the representation of the entity they represented at the time of their election.
  5. For frequent lack of attendance at the meetings of the Executive Commission.
  6. When the entity they represent loses its condition as member.

When people leave the Executive Committee for the reasons stated, the governing body is maintained with full powers, on the condition that it is made up of a minimum of three members, among which must feature the presidency or Vice-presidency. In any case, the Presidency may appoint replacements, which must be ratified by the General Meeting, in a meeting called for this purpose without the need to call new elections.

Article 13.- The Presidency

The functions of the Presidency of the Association are:

  1. Represent the section before any public or private organism, and carry out its resolutions.
  2. Call and chair the meetings of the members of the Association, proposing the agenda and venue of the meeting.
  3. Attend the meetings of the Executive Committee of AVS with speaking and voting rights, and comply with the Standing Orders of the Spanish association.
  4. Coordinate and direct the activities of the Association in the questions that are appropriate.
  5. Bear the signature and act on behalf of the Association in all kinds of appropriate banking and commercial operations in general.
  6. Sign the minutes of the meetings of the Association along with the Vice-presidency.
  7. Be accountable to the General Meeting for the Management of the Executive Committee, as well as for the Executive of AVS.
  8. Any other function that the Association gives them or the Executive Committee of AVS delegates to them.

Article 14.- The Vice-presidency

The Vice-presidency of the Association will replace the Presidency in their functions in the case of the impossibility of carrying them out or delegation by the Presidency.

They will also be responsible for the funds of the Association, carrying out the accounting operations of any type, and will jointly with the Presidency, be the bank account holders.

They will also be responsible for the accounting books and preparation of the economic projects and budget of the Association.

Article 15.- The Secretary

The Secretary of the Association will take the minutes of the meetings, sign them jointly with the President, issue the reports requested and will be responsible for the books and documentation of the Association.

Article 16.- The members

The members will asses and assist the Presidency in the carrying-out of proposals, studies, etc., to comply with the aims of the Association or a specific resolution of the General Meeting.

Article 17.- Notification and information to the Presidency of AVS

The Notification of the General Meeting of the Association, along with the agenda, will be sent to the Presidency of AVS, which will be able to attend or delegate any member of the executive.

Additionally, the Presidency will be informed of the development of the resolutions agreed in the meetings of the Association, and for these purposes the minutes will also be sent.

Article 18.- Expenses

The expenses of the Association will be covered by the contributions that AVS will make to this section, according to the standing orders regulations for this purpose.

If deemed necessary, the General Meeting of the Association will be able to pass by a 2/3 majority vote, special or extraordinary contributions from its members.

Article 19.- Extra regulation

In any question not stipulated by these regulations, recourse will be made to the Standing Orders of the Spanish Association of Public Housing and Land Developers – (AVS).